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Ping Nome Putter

Feb 28, 2012  |  Clubs  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Hunter Mahan recently chalked up his 4th PGA Tour win at the Match Play tournament using Ping’s new and yet to be released Nome mallet putter. This putter is not available in stores, but here’s a sneak peek from Delofted. It’s an interesting new design and obviously seems to work. As Mahan said, “I made a putter switch to the Ping Nome and it felt great on the greens immediately.” Congrats!

Photo: Ping

Bubba Watson Pink G20 Limited Edition

Jan 24, 2012  |  Clubs  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Ping and Bubba Watson present a limited edition Pink G20 Driver. As part of the “Bubba and Friends Drive to a Million” charity initiative, Ping will donate $300 for the first 300 drives that he launches over 300 yards in 2012. The G20 driver also has written in cursive on the crown the words, “Made Exclusively for Bubba.” Sweet.

Source: Ping

Ping Hoofer

Oct 28, 2011  |  Bags  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Yes, we’ve seen them before, but Ping redesigned its famous Hoofer carry bags. The crisp features include a brand new strap design that provides optimum balance while giving the player a backpack-style fit. At slightly over 5 lbs, the Hoofer also has a 5-way reinforced top with two full-length dividers. Oh, and don’t forget the 8 pockets throughout the bag including a water-bottle pouch. Available in a slew of colorways.

See all the colors after the break.


Video: Ping X Mt. McKinley

Aug 15, 2011  |  Clubs, Culture  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Ping presents a new video, with probably the longest iron shot ever hit! See one of Ping’s VPs hit a new G20 iron from the top of Mt. McKinley — the highest peak in North America. After he reached the summit, ice-faced and all, it was a solid iron over 20,000 feet down. We love what the Ping guys are doing — both in terms of great product and innovative social media marketing.

Video: Ping

Video: iPing Putter App Intro Video

Jun 16, 2011  |  Accessories  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Ping releases an introductory video about its new iPing Putter App. Golf Digest teaching pro Jeff Ritter walks you through how to use the app, highlights some cool features, and teaches you how to use the app to improve your putting consistency. The key here is building a repeatable putting stroke. Sorry Android fans, this app is currently only available for iPhone 4 and the latest iPod Touch.

iPing Putter App

Jun 14, 2011  |  Accessories, Training  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Our buddies at Ping gave Delofted a sneak peek at the new iPing Putter App launched today. This nifty FREE app is an awesome program that is a wireless, go-anywhere putting improvement tool. It identifies a player’s stroke type, analyzes their impact angle, and even measures putting tempo… all in the name of dropping strokes off your game. We’ve had a chance to play around with this app — which attaches to your putter shaft via a simple plastic cradle — and the results are simply amazing! The app uses the iPhone 4 or iPod Touch’s accelerometers and gyroscopes (and other snazzy technology) found inside the devices to track and record a golfer’s putting consistency. You can even compare your stroke to PGA Tour Pro’s like Hunter Mahan and Bubba which come pre-loaded on the app! Def makes practicing putting alot more bearable! The app and cradle hit retail on June 20th, so be on the lookout. App is free and the cradle will cost a measly $30 bucks.

Some exclusive photos after the jump.


Ping Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Mar 25, 2011  |  Ladies, Style  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Ping launches its Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The new looks focus on fresh new designs in contemporary and classic patterns, and have been designed to coordinate with pieces from Ping’s P59 range of rainbow-colored clothing. For the ladies, the collection concentrates on 2 seasonal color palettes – raspberry/ white and Atlantis green/navy/white. Available now from Ping.

Photos: Ping

Ping Spring 2011: Ranger

Feb 1, 2011  |  Style  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Ping showcases the new Ranger 1/4 zip pullover, part of the 2011 collection. This layering piece features a zipper pocket on the forearm with a pass-thru MP3 cord. Available in 5 bold colorways with the Ping logo on the right shoulder. Pick one you like at The Golf Club.

See the colorways after the click.