Video: Kid Aces Hole in Front of Tiger Woods

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How’s this for performance under pressure.  At Tiger Wood’s opening ceremony for his new Bluejack National course, a young lad aces the inaugural shot for the Par 3 course, with Tiger standing right there.  Sweet swing and lots of high fives all around.

Video: Bubba Destroys a Drone

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Golf Digest released this crazy vid of gunslinger Bubba Watson at the range, attempting to destroy a midair drone with his golf ball. Oh did we mention that he was also answer some tough hitting questions about his personal likes/dislikes at the same time.

Source: Golf Digest

Rory McIlroy’s Cancer Kids Nike Lunar Control 3

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Nike has Rory McIlroy rocking a different pair of brightly colored Nike Lunar Control 3 golf shoes each day of the Irish Open, all designed by children whose lives have been impacted by cancer. The Rory Foundation, which was established to give kids support they may need through a variety of children’s charities, has teamed up with Nike and the Cancer Fund for Children in Northern Ireland, and held a contest to design Rory’s shoes for the week. Some dope designs here and I think some of these kids may have a future in sneaker design.
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Video: Rickie Fowler Drive and Dive Athlete Swap

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Red Bull puts Rickie Fowler in a speedo swimsuit!  Say what!?! Too funny.  Yes, you have to check out this video where Rickie Fowler and professional cliff diver David Colturi swap pro sports and teach each other the ropes. The best part is halfway through the video, and Rickie dons a skimpy swimsuit – hilarious.  Must see.

Video: TaylorMade 15-inch Holes

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TaylorMade is on a mission to open up the game of golf to more players and expand the sport. As part of that effort, the company introduces the 15-inch hole golf course. A very interesting way to broaden the game, these larger holes allow for faster play and more exciting times to be had by all. More birdies, eagles, chip-ins, hole-outs, and probably some more aces.  As TaylorMade says, it’s not to change the game completely, but to be additive to what the Tour pros play and make it easier and more fun for people to start playing golf.  All for that. The Delofted folks will definitely give it a try.

Video: Red Bull x Rickie Fowler Does Dallas

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Red Bull heads down to Dallas, Texas, and teams up Rickie Fowler and fellow PGA Tour pro Colt Knost in a head-to-head battle.  The two see who could get closest to the pin on a custom-built, Texas-shaped green in Victory Plaza, near the American Airlines arena.  The victory swing comes down to the final shot – over a building, blind with an imminent weather advisory. Didn’t we see this in a McDonald’s basketball commercial back in the day?

Source: Red Bull

Video: Golf Stereotypes

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The funny guys at Dude Perfect produced this hilarious look at the various stereotypes in the game of golf. It’s fairly certain that everyone know some friend or golfing buddy that fulfills one of these profiles. Which one are you?

Mercedes-Benz Solar Powered Vision Golf Cart

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Mercedes-Benz presents the Vision Golf Cart, which is a solar-powered ride in which hundreds of golf and car fans took part in an international competition by submitting their ideas for a golf cart of the future. That input provided the basis for the design study created by the Mercedes-Benz design department. This ride comes loaded with a multimedia center console that includes an iPhone/iPad docking station, USB interface, air-conditioning system, heads-up display, sound system and communication center. The electric motor is continually powered by the sun’s rays via the solar module integrated into the roof. The vehicle is controlled by a joystick mounted on the center console, which makes it easy for both passengers drive the golf cart.
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Video: Puma Faas Lite

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These new golf shoes from Puma can be twisted like a rag! Puma gives us the Faas Lite and Faas Lite Mesh golf shoes. No drop, super flexible and what the brand claims is the lightest golf spike around. Check out the cool intro vid above. Oh, did we mention Rickie Fowler makes an appearance.

Video: Freddie Wong’s THE GOLF WAR

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Internet video star, filmmaker, and YouTube sensation Freddie Wong drops his first golf film THE GOLF WAR. The plot centers around a routine golf cart patrol along the back nine is ambushed. Golf can be deadly! This is one of the few films in which he actually (spoiler alert) dies at the end. Freddie is known for his innovative filmmaking, celebrity cameos and his massive following of over 6 million subscribers.

Video: Bubba’s Hover

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Leave it to Bubba Watson to test out hovercraft technology in golf carts. We all know golf carts haven’t changed much over the years. Well, Bubba Watson and Oakley set out to change that and created the world’s first hovercraft golf cart. Using hovercraft technology, the BW1 is able to glide over any terrain, including grass, sand, and water. Awesome!

Kikkor $5,000 Masterer Limited Edition

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The dudes at Kikkor Golf introduce a truly limited edition golf shoe, the Masterer.  There’s only one pair made. Ever. It’s perhaps their most epic shoe made, and its truly one of a kind with a hand painted outer by Social Statement. It features two of golf’s most notable Masterers, Jack and Arnie, along with the unmistakable Masters Leaderboard, and unique Kikkor-Masterer branding. This one’s for charity, folks… as 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice. Buy it now for $5,000 USD, or bid on Ebay.

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